Break Up Song

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 18:24 -- kim_12

I love you.

I know it's crazy to say this but it's true.

There's nothing I wouldn't do

For you, I would move mountains

Cross rivers and die for you

I would sit and cry with you

And hold your hand to show you that I’m there for you

I would make sure to hear you when you're not willing to speak

And reach down from that pit of darkness I know too well of to find you

I would move the clouds to cover the sun just so you could see the light

I see in you.

I vow to always hold you close to my heart

To remind me of every moment we’ve had

Moments of love, hate, regret, depression, happiness, and broken promises

Memories that keep me going during times where I feel lost

Times where Id walk through a forest of my own regrets



For you to bring me back


I could talk to you


I could tell you that i'm scared


You'd sit with me in my darkness

Like i used to do when you were there

But time has changed

And those talks of

Growing old together has faded

But despite all that,

I want to give you something special

To remind you that i have not yet stopped loving you

So here's this poem I made for you

To preserve my love for you even after I die


I will always love you.

That has never changed.


You’d think this was a break up song about some ex

But the worst break up song to be sung is for a best friend you no longer recognize


This poem is about: 
My family


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