Break The Rules

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 15:52 -- smm1372

All you're used to is obeying, listening,

No asking questions, no explanations, no answers.

Completely oblivious to their words, their ways.

And brain washed you for their uses, their dirty work. 


Completely under their influence, their command. 

You listen and do what they want you to, control you.

And forever at their feet, begging for their mercy,

Of their weapons of suffering and their pity.


Sit, stay, stand, walk there, get that, carry this. Do it all.

Not moving unless asked, not flinching in pain, completely still. Eyes open.

Let the knife graze your skin, breaking it.

The bugs unleashed to attack you, not moving, but watching.

Prepare for the pain from the swish of the whip, eyes open.


Time passes, haunted by each waking moment

Terrified of the pain, scared of the sorrow

Never able to sleep for fear of never waking up

Or worse, dreaming of something wonderful, waking to them.


Turn the tables, let them understand the pain.

Find it in you for freedom, to fight them off.

Fight against who you were forced to rely on with your life.

Taking all of their power, control, giving it to you.


Kick the hand that cuts you, the knife flying across the room.

Throw all the bugs at those who unleashed them on you.

Grab the whip and pull it, whip who has whipped you.

Just close your eyes, let your motivation for freedom;


To trust yourself to lead yourself to a point of safety.

Fight with every willpower you have left in you.

Find it in you to stand up and win against them.

Because when you do you will feel unstoppable, proud...

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