break me

Thu, 10/02/2014 - 17:25 -- didiv88

They say I’m beautiful that I have it all figured it out

My skin is dirty and wet, from the sculpting mold

They covered me I am the beauty they captured the perfection

Why can’t I be free just break me, cut me out of this sculpture

I’m not who you think I am

You say I’m so strong, I’m unbreakable

But I am, I’m hurting, weak can’t you see?

I have to be so strong so I make you all happy

I have to be perfect to make you all pleased

I have to have everything all figured out for you

Why can’t I cry if I want to?

Why can’t I look ugly if I want without judgment?

Why must I conform to be what you want?

I want love but I’m prideful

I will keep busy because I can’t fail

I try to be strong when I have the whole world on my shoulders

I’m not allowed to fail because I’ll let the world down

The pressure is cracking me, but you keep covering me up

Because I am a beautiful sculpture

Where everyone sees what they want, not what is

I want to break free to be me but I can’t

See there’s someone holding me back



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