Break Free of Chains

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 13:37 -- dannie


All of my life,

I've been subject to

Tests full of bubbles,

Tests that determine

Where lie my troubles.


My ears can take no more of this talk.

I am more than a statistic.

I am more than your numbers.

If we all just put down our pens,

Perhaps that would be when

Our education system

Would start teaching again.


They bind us to them,

They call them standards,

These chains that restrain us.

Chains that keep us quiet. 

We are the generation that must.

Speak up for the future of us, 

We have put up with these chains too long,

Prove to them that they have all been wrong.

Approach them in numbers, 

Show them that we are, by standard, strong.


Now listen,

All the possibilities

Are within arm's reach.

Let this be a nation

Where teachers can teach.


Where they can teach more

Than how to be a number, how to join the crowd.

They can make the amendment of "free speech" allowed.

They can teach themselves, too,

And remind themselves how their success in  us makes them proud.





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