TO BREAK FATE by Savi Jensen



I’ll be lonely forever

If I can’t feel you here

I wish I knew you better

Cause you might just disappear


I don’t know your name

But I shall play your game

Just one last time

Though I may lose my mind


You say I’m the one

Your searching is done

All those beginnings

Lost to the end


You have fallen so hard

You don’t want to lose

You can’t find the light

But you're willing to choose


You know it is hidden

Deep inside of your soul

Your love is a wildfire

It must be controlled


As the demons eat you

From the inside

They swallow your fear

Your humble pride


You are still running from your doubt

You say there may be no way out


You are fallen

Death has wounded you

When you were risen

You were split in two


Don’t know where you’ll be when you awaken

But it’s got to be better than this black hole, forsaken


Don’t sleep, don’t close your eyes

Don’t dream, the shadows will come for you

If you knew before, you should know now

But your blinded by the false faith she’s given you


You don’t understand, you cannot perceive

You are lost in the world of deception

You thought you had found the one

But you are simply losing direction


You think I’ll be here forever

You believe fate is on our side

Every time you whisper “I love you”

You’re just stirring up the tide


You’ll never understand me

You’ll lose yourself so soon

The stars may reprimand me

But there's acceptance in the moon


You’ll regret, you’ll decide

You will leave, say goodbye

Because the night’s not on our side

Even though we've tried and tried


If you come, the shadows will stop you

Destiny stands alone

If you fall, the gods won’t protect you

You’ll be safer right there at home


Don’t try, don’t pillage, they’ll get you

It’s just a big waste of time

But I promise I won’t forget you

On a penny, a nickel, a dime


A dollar, 50, 100

Everything I can find

I don’t know what to tell you

Except that I’ve lost my mind


Doubt, regret, deception

Everything is there

I don’t know why but honestly

I really just don’t care


I’ll try to just ignore it

To push it all aside

Just hope it doesn’t build up

Destroying me inside


I could never hate you

But know this, my sweet love

Everyday, it hurts me

A curse sent from above


I need you here beside me

But you can never be

This pain that lives inside me

You silence it, I'm free

© 2010 Savi Jensen

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Savi Jensen

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