Break Down


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Break down young man break down

That’s all the devil tellin’ me to do

Says she’s through with me

Wants nothing to do with me

Askin’ questions like “How could you act so stupidly?”

Moms talkin’ crazy

Still mad about the baby

And I find no way to break down


Break down young man break down

Stuck in my ways

On the phone with one girl, texting another,

Feelin’ guilty cause part of me wants my son’s mother

Heated arguments all the time,

Love’s slowly fading away

And somehow I don’t break down


Break down young man break down

Cause ya friends ain’t really ya friends

They think ‘cause you got a little money you can’t say no

So at lunch you handing out they lunch advance


Too busy pleasing people that you can’t fill ya own stomach

And they ain’t even ya friends

They all just another ear

Willing to hear ya bus

So they can spread it round school

Like the daily news

But you still ain’t broke down


You continue to make mistakes

You ain’t gone change

Ya worse fear is doing nothing, but nothing’s all you doing

Insecure cause you barely believe in ya self

But you can’t stop ‘cause you got a son to feed

Keep it going boy you gone make it

Just ignore the demons and don’t break down


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