Break Down


United States
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Her hearts been fighting for a while now,
Her eyes have stopped their crying now.
She will pull her self together,
for one last call.

This is her break down,
her call for help
when all else has failed.

She tried so hard,
but the words just fell too short.

Her hearts been breaking for a while now.
Her eyes have begun to swell.
"I'm so sorry, now"
She screams on into the dark.

This is her break down,
her final call for help.

She's lost all faith,
But she's still fighting now.

It can't be true.
There's no way.

Someone help her down.
Her feet are tired now.
Her heads so full of doubt.
But she'll tell you her story, now.

"19, and broken,
a family so dear.
A little baby boy who has the world to spare.
I'm so sorry, now."

She left behind a family,
She said she had to go.
No note left behind,
Just a few broken smiles.

She's really gone now.
"I hope you don't mind."
His word will ring out.

Lord save us now.
For this was her break down.
It was her final call for help.
Lord help us.

"Watch over us."
Mama calls up to the ceiling.
"Watch over us, my dear child."

So young and sweet.
Her voice is gone.
But not for me...
She still screams out.
I won't let this happen,
Not again.

Suicide for the broken,
is like an eraser without a pen.


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