Brave Heart

I can walk down the street at night

I can defend myself in a fight

I could be David against Goliath

I could lead a human's rights riot

I can seem careless 

and a be a bit fearless

but I'm afraid of loving you

I am sorry for turning you on

but I run because of my experience

I'll list all your flaws

and tell myself them all

Just because I'm afraid of loving you

We can vibe so good

Even though we are both misunderstood

We can chill for hours at a time

Just explore and blow each other's minds

but I'll tell myself you can't be so perfect

So I try and kick the bucket

Just because I'm afraid of loving you

but then I realize I can't stand to be away

So I stay

We look so good together

I'll go with you where ever

Even though it's just us two

Because I'm not afraid of loving you


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