Brain You

You are all I need

My Radiohead’s in the clouds

The vacant thoughts succeed

I was told looking up was really down


And everywhere my sentience pokes

I hear the cries of long lost hopes

And rotten drift raft afloat

Down a river bed next to my room

Stuck on an island in mid June


I keep on crying but it brings no light

Of all the torment and delirium plight

My own screams muffled and suppressed

I can’t move on or make it addressed


My depression it holds me tightly

And rightly

I am nightly

Woken up by the sight seeing mountain tops

And snow caps

Blanket white economic traps


I can’t do it anymore

I drive on through the pain

I can’t move on in life

Without my autophobic brain

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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