Brain Bugs

Started a small bug within

But now its cutting 

too thin


I want to kill this thing

its eating up my life

Killing my heart

Stilling my brain


But I'm not ready 

to die in vain


There's gotta be a way

A path to take

A road to make

But there must be a way

A road to make

A path to take


It can't end like this

No I'm not done with it

I'll fight,

I'll fight

Till my last breath


Take the words of this old man

may got the world in his hands

his profession a job in demand

but he's not living life the way he should

A man misunderstood

Never outspoken

would've never had his heart broken

if he just  took a chance 


A whole life wasted

But one way to make it

To change, 

its the only way

to be free from this pain,

so let's not waste it


Fear and doubt

they go hand in hand

the enemies of man

No way to progress

Only to regress

Unless we take a stand






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