To The Boys

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 21:48 -- j.s.m.w

To the boy who broke me when I was completely wholeYou took pieces of me away I didn't even know existed Felt deep in my soul and burned it You taught me why sunshine was dry and how comparing light to happiness was only ever a metaphor Bc everyday after I bathed in it I felt soreMy heart was blackened and I could never go back again I realized the only way to find happiness in the hardest of times was through your self That to unlock secret doors I had to make me whole again Tape me whole again But you see a heart can not be fixed with scotch So I drowned Trampling all over myself I stumbled through the dark And I could never get it bc I told myself it was only ever a metaphor You taught me that when someone breaks youThere's always time to start over again To pull yourself back from scratch A nude soul that's what I was a year 3 months and some days after you left Bare, not knowing where to go I slowly found those pieces You started the way that lead me to be strong Even though you won't hear this tonight or any other night for that matterI can finally say I miss you without being sadThanks for the strength Love, Elmo To the boy who thought he broke me when I was already full of chips and stainsThankyou I would go on but there's really nothing more to say Nothing more than You were what made me laugh on gloomy days && when I couldn't think of why I loved you it was because there were too many words held descriptively in my mind I know that now I also know that your just a milestone away from a break through That never needed me along the way But still I say Thankyou for picking me out to go with you on life's journey I swear it was fun Even when I disliked you it was fun Your hatred stung Though like a addict I still hung on to your drug So I could tape you too Then when we tried to rip it off we bruised I know you feel as if that relationship was just usedBut you were my tape Just not the right kind The only kind to end tragically You were Romeo & I, Juliet We are not Shakespeare We cannot rewrite a destined fateSo I chose to love while you chose to wither in hate with "her"She filled in my space Still on I guess they were right you could still find the sweetest people in the darkest of times It's just that I needed more than tape or glue or any other substance to fix what was brokenP.s Don't worry you'll find you another person to loveThe moon and stars will bow down at her feet The sun will shine when she raisesYou'll be lost at wordsThen at that moment you'll realize  why it never worked out with meLove Always,Peaches To the boy who helped me realize tape and glue were not what was needed to heal my soulIt was forgiveness It was patience It was kindness It was finding my way through GodIt was standing in the dark but knowing someone was always there with a guiding hand It was believing in myselfYou helped me see things I didn't need other people tooI was already full of such things I've just never had the chance to...You know express them I felt like I was always choking on second hand smoke even when I didn't know you put me firstMy guardian you call yourselfMy protector you claim yourself Though not every battle of mine was yours to fight You've never probably stopped to think that along the way you've fought me God only knows my depths of love for you So I choose for you to be happy I stop to conceal myself from youYou tell me it's okay to cry Summers says this isn't love She says I'll get over you & heal brand new The second part may not be wrong But to say I don't love you Is like the moon to have never parted tidesI love you so much till where you'll never see this bc you love her She was right about one thing When I like or love I do it strong You could never mistake it for anything but pure You deserve so much more than the things you go through And while I know I was never in any of your purest intentions That I just fell in Like a droplet in the desert Ready to be burned It's okay You were and still are the perfect best friend Love,Gee To the boys who are or were my everything I know longer smile when I hear your names Hell I don't break down and cry eitherand that's healing 

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