From Boy To Man

Nighthorse Chan


I look at the person I was a year ago.

Contemplating if I changed… I don’t know.

And that I realize

When I look into the eyes

Of the boy that evolved to a man who has grown.


Struck with hard emotions, left and right

Controlling them was one hell of a fight

But heart break seemed to go where I went

Love songs and poems was how the time got spent

Doubting the people…Doubting myself…

If I couldn’t love me, I can’t love anybody else

Gave me social anxiety, how can it get worse

Loneliness I confided in when everything hurt

This was my struggle for a long time

That’s when I grew up, and made up my mind.


As strange as it sounds, I started talking to strangers

Out go the thoughts, into my body, for worse or for better

I learned that there are hatful people and the ones that care

I focused on the ones who’ve got positive emotions, and I swear

That happiness is a choice, and the people you surround with

Talk and have fun, personality is what I give

Experience of this is what built up my character

Walking through the stage of life, I’m one of the actors

To follow the script, read off it line for line

Or write your own story and go improvise


I know I’m going on this adventure, I stand

Meeting people wherever I am

Last year was just the lesson of the past

ON forward as I go hoist up the mast

Because last year I was a boy, but now I’m a man…



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