Wed, 01/07/2015 - 18:20 -- Mooilky
I've always been placing myself in boxes
What do you think of me
What box would be easiest for you to swallow
Small enough that the corners don't snag on your throat
But big enough that you'll notice me
Notice me
Right now 
I'm Cute
Stick a bow on my head
I make the prettiest package
Every once and a while
I think about opening myself
Of just taking one of the meat cleavers in the kitchen to the packing tape wrapped around my being
So I can sort through the baggage my parents dropped inside at my conception
A long time ago I opened myself and found pleasure
Not the kind that satisfies 
But the kind that my mom told me was a sin
Man was not made to make themselves happy she told me
I wonder then how am i supposed to be happy
Which box will make me happy
Not the one where I was tomboy
Popular girl felt strange
Bully lasted for a while 
Bullied for even longer
Preppy fit my face like skin
Short girl with the tiny ballet flats and striped polos
Of course she's cute
Right now
I'm cute
Every box has six faces
People only ever show two or three
I don't want anymore faces
None of them let me breathe
And none of them
Make me happy


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