The Box


Four By Four Enclosure of Space

Is it Simply My Room

Or does it represent my Race

the limitations set upon me like a Glass Celing

What is this frustration that I'm feeling

17 year old black male 

They look at me like a problem because I'm not Pale

Straight from Africa, yet treated like my brethren 

who were taken and maltreated back then

who am i in this nation

i constantly battle stagflation

i see the world unlike any others

i see anyone who thinks like me as a blood brother

i believe we should all care for one another

but not this cameo stuff

not these vague and pointless bluffs

what we say when people are around

its just merely guttaral sounds

but ill bring it back to my pound

these walls that taunt me like clowns.

I simply want freedom, to be understood,

where i don't have to pretend like i was raised in the hood,

i wanna be me i dont wanna just be black

i dont wanna be the expected winner on the track 

i wanna be free of society's lies

i wanna be free of who's what's and why's 

i wanna be free to me and i know how to do it

if i was confused i might seek for power

i might spend, countless, pointless hours

thinking of how to run away, 

but i know the answer lies in me

i will be myself no matter what they think

and forget their bridles, their looks, their taunts

and be whatever that i want

i encourage you to do this too 

to disregard what they say and truly be you

because if your not you than what are you

your just a puppet and pretty much a fool

Be youself, be beautiful, blow them out of the water,

Be different, think of yourself as Harry Potter! 

Now I've said my piece, my wisdom for now is exhausted

I'll go back to my place where understanding is fostered.

Four By Four 



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