It is in that moment

When rain keeps showering down on me,


And the sunny day is over


That I call your name.


And you don't hop on my lap and shower me with kisses like them.


No. You nestle your head next to my foot,


And I adore that,


Because I know 


I know that you love me, even though you don't always show it.


You are my source of inspiration, even though you don’t always know it.


For even though nobody understands us, we understand each other 


And that is more than enough.


I look at you,


And even though you can’t speak,


I know what you're thinking.


I can see it in your eyes.


Because everything is as it should be


And in that moment


When the sun starts showering down on me


I am b o u n d l e s s.



This poem is about: 
My family


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