The Bottle


United States
37° 59' 14.4924" N, 122° 9' 6.8292" W

Put down the bottle,
is that too much to ask?
not a day goes bye
without your hand on that flask.

"I don't have a problem,"
"I'm just fine."
I've heard all the excuses,
many a time.

I just want my mom back,
before all the booze.
But if it was between me and the bottle,
I know I would lose.

You were once my hero,
my mom and best friend.
Now it's different,
and I am scared for the end.

I am scared for the time,
when the bottle wins.
When it takes my mom's life
and I don't see her again.

The bottle needs to go,
so it's time to take a stand.
I want my mom back,
and that's what I demand.


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