Both Sides of the Same Coin

I am Addie.


I have over 50 trophies for dance but not the one that I really want.


I have seven siblings but sometimes feel alone.


I hate teenage angst and think the last line reeks of angst.


I love Grey’s Anatomy and 30 Rock.


I am an avid historian who looks to change the future by studying the past.


I’ve talked about college more minutes than I might actually be there.


I am a caring sister and can fight like a champ.


My mom is my biggest supporter and the person who I become most easily angered with.


I am compassionate, loyal, funny, and sarcastic.


I think the Oxford comma is the only thing that keeps this world from falling into chaos.


I don’t like the idea of eating meat but my favorite food is steak.


I am a nail biter who says I’m going to stop at least once a month.


I am a feminist and like the door held open for me.


I have a 19 pound cat that I hate has to lose weight.


I dance when EVERYONE is watching.


I am a champion for civil rights and believe that I can make a difference.


I am committed to service and helping others.


I have lived 16 short years and can’t wait for the rest.




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