Borrowing Sparkle

I remember when they told me

I stared at the little lamps that flickered in the wind

And thought they looked just like my unsteady heart


I remember when I put a name with the news

And the pain was more real than before

The best friend

The confidante

The trusted one


I remember when I lined up the faces

And ticked off the ones I had loved

With each face

My heart grew harder


I remember when I tried to end the pain

Round and chalky might save the day

End the day


I remember when the sun went down

And the flickering stars resembled the lamps 

And my head wasn’t right

And my soul wasn’t breathing

And my heart wasn’t pumping


I remember when I met her

I was a shell

She was the brightest star

She let me borrow some sparkle


Today she needs some sparkle from me

I can afford to lose a little now.


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