Born in the Wrong Generation

Hoodies on and pants pulled low
Bragging about last night's rap show

Your homies and bros all pile in the van
Mom says "seat belts!" and they groan "awww man.."

Waddle menacingly up and down the aisle
Cant help but laugh at your awkward "ghetto" style

Bandannas wrapped all around your faces
What? Are you scared we'll see your braces?

Phones blaring foul language and pathetic beats
From a gated community but you call it "the street"

People used to want success, respect and love
But now all they want is to be top thug

Kids grow up quick and their mouths are vile
Courtesy is gone, I wish it would've stayed awhile

I find myself wondering, "these are my peers?"
I feel obselete, take me back a few years

Back when Volkswagen busses were all around
Music gave way to brand new sound

I've never been there but my heart tells me so
The 60's might be the right place to go

Every timeframe it's own quirks
but compared to today, almost anything works

Send me back to the days of Woodstock
For in those days, one could truly rock


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