Feeling bored

Much of my life has been this feeling

Of being bored

Something with a new key

Not the same old melody

Yes, I've grown used to the same old bars

The ones made to invoke tears

And pump the heart

The lights

The drama

The slapstick

I've seen all this before

Can't we go back to the days

When trying to be amazed wasn't a chore

Guess I'll just be stuck

Watching the same old schmuck

Feeling bored


I've heard the comments

I've heard the criticisms

How I can't complain

Since I rule my own domain

I don't have the right to feel unsatisfied

And I get it

I'll give them credit

Not everyone's life is a walk in the park

But how would you feel

If you were constantly searching for something

Something that could bring you joy

But that something seems to be always out of reach

So forgive me if I don't clap when the rest do

When I don't sing along when the rest are lost in the tune

Oh, what I wouldn't give for something new


Go ahead and cast out your adoration

I'll just sit here on this throne of boredom

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