Borders to BlackBoards

To the woman who lived in the face of borders

The first a country whose language she did not know

To marry her love and only know the meaning of the word "wife" and move 

thousands of miles away from home

To the woman who learned a language to better herself

To educate

To the woman who birthed two children and two degrees

To the woman who stands eight hours on her feet so that others can learn too

To the woman who cares for the children of the world and goes home to her own

and gives them the same love 

To the woman that showed me that education is the liberation of borders

To the woman who taught me that languages and literature could be one in a country 

not originally hers but now another home

To the woman who inspires me 

To the woman I love, 

To my mother

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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