boots, knives, & guns

i want to make my hatred large and whole . if i wasn’t a coward I’d take those solid cow balls & slice them, separately off as everyone watched. i’ve already planned what i’d do  for a pleasurable Kill, a slow soft ending. first, i would kick into you hard and straight with a boot , stare while you shot quick & loose , contents a bloody pink hue.  next, i would slice out your tongue. unable to speak or scream only a singular face of pain could speak for you ,,, then should I hack away at your greedy fingers? or should i shoot with a gun ? close to the kneecap where they say it shatters instantly.  i picture you in bed with your sweet wife, rubbing your blind, live eyes, as I lay here restlessly. I want to Kill you. I want to Kill you with boots and knives & guns. I want to fuck you with glass. Come to me . Come by me . lie & die . Beside me

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