I lay awake trying to speak to fate.
Because death is a concept I can't contemplate. I lay awake and dwell on each and every one of my  mistakes. We all make mistakes but sometimes being genuinely  sorry is so hard to fake. I tried to fashion my own cross out of steel but now it's covered in rust, under its weight I my hopes have bee crushed. The weight broke all my bones. But they say when they heal they will be stronger. So maybe when I carry the weight of the world it will be easier. I pray hoping he will lessen the burden of all my sins. But to be honest I still don't think I've learnt my lesson. I hope he listens. Can you show me some mercy and maybe some compassion. I can feel as my self doubt chokes the life out of my ambitions. But I know I'm the one who puts myself in these positions. No one can hurt us like we hurt ourselfs. I've already seen what's at the end of the road I'm traveling on. All I can say is that this road won't take me to heaven. But it's okay I knew I wouldn't get there since day one. I'll try to make hell feel like home. I can feel something bad will happen
I can feel all of this in my bones

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Our world
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