The Bond Between Mother & Child

The trees on land come fom the roots underground.

A baby is born under the tree,

where the branches fold and cover the baby and the mother.

The birds sing a loving song and the air whistles around them silently.

The mother holds her baby tightly,

while the baby sleeps peacefully,

as if the mother was Mary lying in the manger

protected by the angels above.

Flowers bloom under the beautiful sunlight

with every breeze, the flowers rock back and forth

like the motion of a rocking chair

gracefully keeping the baby asleep.

Mother doses off in a peaceful sleep knowing

her baby is in her loving arms safe and sound.

Tree branches strong as the love of God.

Nothing compares when loved and protected by both.

Mother awakens feeling something is wrong.

She looks to the side and sees that her baby is gone.

Starting to panic like a pack of wolves,

but she still feels her babies' presence.

She jump up because she hears her baby cry,

drowning out the birds cries.

She looks to the left, she looks to the right,

only to see a man holding her baby dressed in all white.







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