Boats (An open letter to my dad)


My thoughts float as easily as they do through the water, 

Leaving me to wonder what it would've been like had you stayed.

Would we have played, long hours at the lake?

Would you let me stay up late, past my bedtime, even if mom said no?

And oh the things you would know!!

You would know my dreams of being a doctor, all the things I hope and wish for.

You would know what makes me me.

You would intimidate every prince I meet, because I'd be your princess.

I might hate you for it, but deep down it'd be priceless.

But you didn't stay, you saw me, my wheelchair, and left.

Like it or not you caused a permanent rift between us.

That blind trust gone, just like you.

I see right through you, the lies you fed me ringing with truth.

You make me numb Dad, cold.

No matter how old I get, I'll always be that little girl, 

Pining for her father's attention, and wondering how to get it.

Nevermind, not numb, sad.

You know it's bad when you latch onto every male being like a leech.

Simple terms of speech, like, "How'd you sleep?" become cherished and important,

Because you never bothered to ask it.

Simple things, like boats, hurt, like sticking a burning iron down my throat.

Because you have two, and you did just what you had to to stay at the edge of my life.

But it's not enough, it will NEVER be enough.

Patience and time I'm out of.

Sorry, I don't speak your currency, you cannot buy me,

Back. Like you turned your back on me, I now turn mine on you.

No amount of time will EVER heal the wound you created.

People are right, dads, you, are overrated!!

You say "give me another chance", but that's a chance I will not take.

That "chance" expired sixteen years late.

So your chance at having a relationship with me, me ever feeling peace towards you, float away.

Just like the boats on Harrison Bay.

Most sincerely,


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My family
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