Blurred Untouchable

Mon, 08/28/2017 - 23:02 -- KiNavi

With my heart pumping, sweat pouring

I opened my eyes and slightly swayed

There he was, head tilted and smiling

Silent and waiting for my control to decay


I shook my head and continued to fade

In and out, of a drunken state

Breath heave and mind slightly dazed

He became my temptation, the devil's bait


Every movement I made

The world rotated in three

Lost but not afraid

I didn't care to see


Everything he did was only a tease

But that didn't stop me

From going weak in the knees

And high off of glee


The night became a blur

Memories mud-colored or black

Bottles of downed liquer 

Oh what I'd do to go back


Surprise, Surprise

I left him untouched

Despite my heart's cries

And to my own moral disgust


He came to me bright

A light I dared to chase

He left on the next flight

Back to his untouchable place




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