Blue eyes she wanted?


 No one knows her feelings

no one knows her life

we all have our dealings

yet they are not always alike


she suffered from neglect

to a certain extent

it had it's effect

which caused a dent


her father had raped her

and she was ignored by her mother

who can deal with the pain that stirred?

just the thought makes me shudder


That child suffered more than I ever will

I never felt the feelings she felt

I don't want to, the though gives me chills

I respect the suffering that she dealt


If I was only there

I would make her feel worth something

Having no one that cared?

I'd rather be attacked by a million bee stings


Blue eyes.

Blue eyes she wanted?

Why not wish for love to at home to arise?

I would wish for that.

But she was young, and hopeless

and ended up searching bins like an alley cat


Blue eyes.

I wished for that when I was naive,

but you know what I want?

A heart that won't deceive.

Do I still want blue eyes?

No. Just a mentality that wilt defy. Defy a judgement that should not affect me. Defy what keeps me from being me.

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