Blue Eyes are Better than the Sun

This morning, the sun rose
the way it always does.
I didn't see it; I was sleeping.
You know... just 'cause.

When I finally did wake,
I was still tired.
So, I figured some coffee
would help me feel wired.

I trudged to the kitchen
and stubbed my toe
right as I started pouring
my hot cup of Joe.

I cursed when it spilled
and burned my feet.
But it was immediately after
that I heard something sweet.

“Babe, you okay?”
I heard her call out.
My girlfriend in the next room;
too sleepy to shout.

I smiled when I answered
“Yes, love. I'm fine!”
Then her arms were around me,
“I'm so glad you're mine.”

I asked if I woke her.
She held me tight in reply.
“Yes, dear. You did,
but I really don't mind.”

She looked up at me
with her weary, blue eyes -
Like two little galaxies
trapped in the sky.

Her concerned, pleasant visage
made me think of a fawn.
“So, what made you mad?”
She asked with a yawn.

I do not know what I had been
before she woke up,
but I now felt no anger.
Just her waist and my cup.

This morning was much like
every other, I guess.
But any day with her
feels like it could be the best.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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