Blissfully This


The sketches in my notebook, and the raindrops on my window

This, Blissfully this

The art of nature and its beautiful galore, those laughs and those smiles I'd like to see more

This, Blissfully this

Those warm nights in my room staring at the ceiling, Just dreaming, a dream to believe in

This, Blissfully this

And what is this you ask? 

This, is the bliss, the joy, the things that make me glad.

And who is this you ask? 

This, is me, my bliss, someone who is proud of whom they've become

So bright, yet so young


Dreaming to become better is what uplifts me, to the ceilings where I'm free

Free to dream that's just blissfully me.

My dreams are what makes me create, makes me create what I think is great

To create is to dream and to dream is to imagine

And to imagine is Magic!

This, Blissfully this

Dreams are my Bliss

and to one day make them true will be greater than a wish

When my dreams become reality, that's when I'll truly be happy 

Blissfully dreaming, cause it's my dreams I believe in.


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