We are blinded by lies

by what we wanna see

because when you open your eyes

its nothing but chaos corrupting around you

so you close them tight

hope and pray throughout the night

that the next time you open them

you'll see meadows of flowers and sunshine

but nah baby boy and baby girl

thats life your dealing with

it aint always gonna be like spongebob

and sometimes you gonna have to be like dory

and keep it moving

but dont worry cause ima be here

and ima watch over you

you see im that person

whos gonna be there for you

whether you need me to or not to

and aint nobody gonna change that

ima be here when the sky turns gray

and the sea turns blue

ima make sure that you know the truth

and that those lies wont blind you anymore

im that homie from around the way

the one who had your back

back in the day

so wipe your eyes

cause theres no need to cry

cause you are no longer blinded by lies




Absolutely enjoy reading your poems! LOVE this one especially! People seem to realize, life they are living in can be lies, but if there's that one friend who's helping them.. there's no lies. 


Thank you so much, and yes your are absolutely right


Thank you so much

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