Blaze, Charlie, and the Modern Slave


I walked upon the street one day,

twas fair weather for a walk,

I hummed a happy song,

Until I saw a slave,

Yes, a slave in this modern day.


he had chains around his ankles,

his knees and his wrists,

down from his neck to his toes,

completely captured by a metal net,

But he did not seem to mind.


I asked him who his master was,

at first he kinda stared at me,

Then I pointed to one of the chains,

then he seemed to understand,

he cocked his head from side to side,

he smiled and then he grinned,


“i’ll tell you then.” he said.


“You see dear girl when I was young,

I thought I was pretty tough,

decided to become independent,

and do all kinds of crazy stuff.

this is when I met Blaze and Charlie,

they seemed a real good bunch.”


“My friends were always hanging with them,

we thought we did no wrong,

but that all changed quickly,

on the day that I woke up.

I found these heavy chains around me.”


“Then you see sweetie,

I tried and tried to get them off,

I scratched, I bit, I hit and punched,

I pulled, and pushed, and yanked.

I had no success though-”


“because I need Blaze and Charlie”


“You just wouldn't understand.

you asked me who my master was?

Well little miss don’t you know,

the moment I gave into them,

was the day I sold my soul.”


I tried to wrap my mind around what the man had said,

I wanted to ask more questions,

But he only smiled and cocked his head,

I looked and watched as he stumbled down the street,

and right behind him dragging him down.


Hanging by his shoulders,

and causing a stuggle,

sapping away all his strength,

were his two masters:

Blaze and Charlie


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