Blank Serenity

You're not right for me.

No one is right for me.

I'm not saying it out of pity.

I don't pity myself.

I'm not tired.

I can't even say I'm depressed


I'm empty.

I'm void.

I'm existential and I like it that way.

I don't want to have a purpose.

I don't want to have an identity.

I don't want to be important.

I want to be a blank canvas.

The girl no one knows.

The wanderer.

Not lost. Just wandering.

You can't even get lost without someone worrying about you or the

government getting after you for your taxes.

That's not freedom.

I want to be free.

I'm talking free as a ghost.

Where no one cares because they can't see you.

Where there are no responsibilities.

Where there is no worry.

No lies.

No games.

No people.

No cold.

Just blank serenity.


Thoughtless meditation.

Eternal, endless sleep.



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