Black Young Man

Dear, World 

I am Toraze Davis Jr and i am a black young man. you may not know me so let 

me tell you a little bit about me. In my society thing's that i  live in is not racist

not one bit but let me tell you i have been in racist altercations with people and let

me tell you it was terrible but god told me i will be okay. Some people in this world

might think i am the dumbest person on earth. I know that is not true because god told me 

that i am something, my mom and dad told me i am something. But society think's 

i am just a other criminal and i belong in the system just because the color of my skin 

and not by my personality but you know what i  do not care cause i can be the next black

president of  the United States. I can be whatever i want to be and no one is going to let 

me down today or tomrorow or ever you all are beautiful on the outside and the inside. You must go on with 

your life you only have one so make it the best. God love us all love one and other and you

shall be blessed.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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