The Black & White Truth


Life for me is a constant picture day 

Putting on a face 

Smiling pretty for the eyes of everyone's camera 

To sit up straight, arch my back, and put on a show 


What happens when you take that away? 

To wipe off the compact powder 

Dab water on those dolled up eyes 

Scrub away the false persona we all wear 


Underneath it all, is me 

A girl who overthinks every decision she makes 

Who has difficulty putting one foot in front of the other 

Someone who will always put her future first 


Striding to excel in her education 

Yet wanting to be accepted by her peers 

To be seen has a normal teenage girl 

Not the mini adult people expect of me 


That I do enjoy having fun 

That I do have the tendency to be silly and goofy 

That I can take a joke 

That I can, just like everyone, be even a little irresponsible 


My appearance is not who I truly am 

But we all know that, don't we? 

Just because I smile for the camera 

Does not mean I am the filter people use to describe me 


When the show's over, my smile fades 

When the lights go off, my façade is removed 

And my life returns to what it should be 

Just as simple as black and white.


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