The Black Sheep


Am I wrong for wanting brighter days?  Am I wrong for trying to learn? Am I wrong for wanting sucesss? As i get older i feel judged on my every move. Why cant I grow up? Why cant I get wiser? Why cant I want to achieve my future success? Whats it to you? Todays social media tends to ruin the main goal in the youth's mind. Why are we not growing but becoming weaker? Why do we all have brains but refuse to use them? Why don't we have unity? We get so caught up in ourselves we dont look out for others who we love and care for. I want to be able to give back. To share my success and knowledge with the world. If your doing nothing, do something. So that nothing won't  lead you in the wrong path. You are you. Be you. And always stay focused on yor main goals. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it. Stand out dont fit in.

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