Black Sea


Don't let go of me
I'm like a canoe in this raging sea
I'm trying to make it in this world
But I just keep on getting hurled
No one seems to understand
They make me feel so bland
Trying to explain the pain
But my mind is feeling chained
The feeling of drowning 20 feet deep
Has me ready to weep
All the chaos around me is like I'm free
I have no trouble making sense of this black sea
In a flash I awoke
To me the dream felt like a joke
But it was also surreal
I had to write and not conceal
But every now and then I feel that gusty breeze
I hear the sound of rustling trees
And that cold but warm to the touch water
That made me totter
Felt like silk on my skin
It made me grin
I'll never forget the silence that engulfed me
In that peaceful sea


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