The Black Plague


Tell me you know what it means to be Black....

Tell me the true definition,

not the one created by the masses for the purpose of destruction

in which you have simply embodied.


The idea that your mothers and daughters are purely a machine for sex

that your fathers and sons are destined for mediocrity

poverty is not our norm.


Misconceived notions of what it means to be black has plagued us,

and reveals the complex reason for our imagined downfall.


We are not lost,

but we walk the path with no direction.


Wake up.


Hatred of one another is the manifested hatred of self.

No longer scorn your brother,

understand him

he is comprised of the same cells and the same history.


He is you.


Uphold your sisters,

for they bare the fruit of the womb

and still contribute so much more.


Intimately become involved with your history, in order to change your future.



are great.

larger than great.



have a duty

an obligation to be extraordinary,

as a whole. 

As one people.



Come together my musicians, my artist,

my intellectuals, my laborers, everyone.

Lets go. 


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