Black History


Boycotting buses, getting beat, lynched, locked up in cells

They went through all of this so our life wouldn't be hell 

Used to hate it when they had to sit in the back of the back

Nowadays if we can't sit in the back we gotta put up a fuss

You could never be brave like they did

But you wanna be a man?

You take every right for granted

Nobody wants to take a stand

For the new plague that spreads through our nation, in specific generations

Then we had to fight, but now we choose the cowards way

Pick up a gun, fill the clip, pull the trigger, bang bang

But if you was caught without ya burner you'd be toast

Hand to hand combat is foreign to most

Oh you not so bad now

Used to be the white man persecutin us

Now we do it for them

Somebody stop my pen, cause ya'll don't wanna hear the truth

All ya'll wanna do is puff puff pass

Pour a drink in ya glass 

Have babies but don't point them in the right direction

Or better yet, you don't want them so they get taken by Child Protection

Where they don't protect at all, it's just a whole different type of neglection

Leading them to depression, then injection to the streets, of a drug

Instead of learning how to smile for a picture they learnin how to mean mug

What happened to 'it takes a a village to raise a child"

But how can the village raise the child if the parents don't even want to

How can the village raise the child if all the people are broke, old women, thugs, and promiscuous young women

Lord help the children

Yea our ancestors broke their backs

And for what?

So we can lay on ours?


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