Black Elephants

Black smoke looms over the horizon

Ignored by the world around.

The people instead look at the sun,

Ideally, there, hope is found.


The elephant in the room

No one wants to mention.

A child chokes in the fume.

Everyone gets a pension.


The world is being eaten away.

Does anyone deserve this treatment?

The pollution will end, I pray.

Answer my prayer, my government!


Please, don’t surrender to tradition.

OPEC will soon over take them all.

We have to change our old functions.

Do you want America to fall?


The threat of slavery is here.

You can sense its great descend.

Suddenly a rather choking fear,

It comes from just around the bend.


Apathy has taken hold.

America is on stage.

Here, her very souls are sold.

Here, is her last ending page.


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