Black and white

Wed, 12/27/2017 - 12:42 -- Dil

Overwhelming feelings reach me,
Wondering when I'll be free.
Trying to think positive,
But I'm submissive.

Please people don't hate me,
I give my best, don't you see?
Everytime the pressure takes over me,
And I try my best to be free, finally.

There is just this one thing,
That I'm really aware of.
Again I cannot control it,
Just like always everyone misunderstands it.

In my head,
There is a lot of mess.
Thinking of death,
Might be the best.

All of you,
Is it really just my fault?
From the point of view of you,
It seems liken assault.

My feelings are all mixed up,
And if you don't understand, it's okay.
I'm made out of mood swings,
And stay alone in the end.

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