of any human group having dark-colored skin, especially of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry. 

It's hard being black in a world full of light  

Always being put on the back burn   

People taking from your culture and calling it theirs 

When you do it it's ghetto  

When they do it it's urban  

When you use slang you're uneducated 

When they use slang they're cool  

Nobody stands up for us not even our own 

How can you not love a soldier on your side, 

no matter how bad their aim is  

Slavery is no more   

The chains are broken, but 

The judge has spoken 

So the chains are put back on taking you to your cell 

But they let the everyday cop walk free 

Letting murders set free 


We fight for our rights 


The opposite of white 


Poetry Slam: 


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