When I'm left alone,

Every doubt and question comes to mind.

Every single ounce of my depression,

Roars its ugly face,

And racks every inch of my body.

I'm floating in old memories,

Old mistakes...

And I feel as though,

Everything is a lie,

Nothing is the way it seems.

Everyones in on life...

Except me. 


When I'm left alone, 

Every pen drop is a siren, 

Every smile a facade, 

Surrounded by space,

I'm left to think,

Such thoughts.

Things that sane minds,

Should not ponder.

I begin to assume, 

And further plummet myself,

Into a never-ending abyss, 

Of which I cannot escape. 


When I'm left alone,

Every motive is questioned,

Every Truth falsely accused. 

I beat up myself,

For being who I am.

I crush my own dreams,

And make my own limitations.

I regret every action,

And belittle every attribute, 

And I feel as though...

No one knows me, 

The girl I try to hide.


So, please don't leave me alone,

Every second is a year,

Every year a lifetime. 

I need you to be my rock,

To hold me up,

When I am down,

And to reassure me,

That everything will be alright. 

Because without you,

I cannot honestly say,

That I would see the light,

That would pull me out of the abyss,

Into the next bright day. 




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