[Bitten Words] by Miles Willis

Sometimes I scare myself

When I get like

This when I see

Everything as clear and

Different. The World starts

To move without me

On it and I get

Frightened I can’t breathe

What the hell is happening. Please

Don’t leave me alone with

Myself tonight.


I think maybe I’m

Losing my mind but

Can’t be ‘cause it’s already

Lost to the wolves that

I let out the day

When I gave up

Trying to be better. Please

Don’t leave me alone with

My demons tonight.


Don’t know what to

Do. Think I’m losing

You. Don’t go I

Can try again harder

Than the times before

I won’t drift. I’ll

Close the door in my

Mind and keep the voices

Inside. Please

Don’t leave me alone with

My ghosts tonight.


The World starts to

Move without me on

It. I close my eyes

Try to pretend I

Feel something—Lies.

There is only me

And all other finer

Points of Hatred

And Greed and

Love are gone. Please

Just leave me alone with

Myself tonight.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Miles Willis

This poem is about my gender dysphoria. I have tried to describe it to my family in the past and this is the best way I can try to explain it to other people.


This is so beautiful and closer to many heart, closer than you can even imagine. I hope for you, you know for you and others like you. I hope for you to know peace and true love. Please realize that though I may not know you I know your work

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