BITCH That is what you called me, saying it so harshly like I committed adultery. BITCH When I do not obey to the regulations and submissiveness of a man, saying you love me, calling me baby but once I step out of the lines that you have painted. I am a bitch.Talking to another male is seen as a sign of entertaining, entertaining a mans ego, as if it was not right to have casual conversation. my skirt is too shortMy cleavage is too much, you are asking for attention you are asking to be touched. Enough!! Enough I say, my clothes, my hair, my body does not define me, what you see is a woman expressing herself, do not take that lightly. I am not looking for attention. I am not asking to be loved, I am not asking for conversation as I walk down the park ,while you whistle, screaming ,shouting, girl come here! I am not an animal so do not treat me as one. You were asking for all the comments he says, look at what you wear, dressed as if you are single, like you don't even care. So if I am with someone i should dress a certain way, and if I am single I can dress as I please, come on that bullshit. No you will not tell me what to wear, you will not convince me that men see things differently, and that I should  understand it is not my fault, it is not my concern if they think with their dicks, I should be able to do as I please, wear what I like and just be me. Oh? But you say that is being a bitch because I know the intentions of a man, well frankly I don't give a damn.  You tell me that I should respect you, that I do not talk to another man, for that is not a respectful thing to do, but if it was a woman I have conversation with, its okay to you. you keep trying to make me understand, telling me that I am not a man, I don't always know what they think, they think differently as I do, so put on a jacket and cover yourself because I wont have another man looking at whats mine, Whats yours? What is yours exactly, cause as far as I remember I am my mothers daughter. Bitch is what I am when I express my feelings, curse, smoke and drink . You have not raised me, you do not tell me what I should do. I am strong and independent and I will act as such.So take a second before you use that word again, because you would not like your mother, your sister, your female friends, your female relatives to feel that pain. It is a harsh word and I know that I should not let it get to me, but I have feelings too, and yes that five letter word does not describe me but its a word that has taken lives, it has broken hearts and left scars, and he said next time you slit your wrist to calm yourself make sure it is your throat, and just kill yourself cause that is the bitch you are, and you will remain a slut a whore, as the words cut so deeply in my heart I can not believe the man I loved would treat me as such, you have within your reasons as to why you said it, you said it out of anger but I will always remember. Die in hell for that is where you belong, since you have described my future so well, I would like to tell you about yours.I would like you to have a great future, and find love, have a family and be successful, I would not wish for you to die before you have accomplished great things in life, but if you have a daughter ,well bless her soul and I hope she never has to carry the burden I now hold, I hope she never ever gets told by someone that she is a hoe, because of the way she acts, the things she does, the way she reacts, the way she entertains men, even when she is not, I hope she never feels criticized because she does not act as if she is in a relationship when she is in one, I hope she never has to hear that word, and I hope a man never shows as much aggression and anger towards her, but if I had a daughter,I will make sure no man ever breaks her down by just one word. 

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