bipolar pt. 1 and pt. 2

the thunder roars in every heartbeat

lightning strikes in my eyes

rain pours with each cry out to God

to take my life away from me.

the flowers at the bottom of my throat are dead.

apparently, you can’t water flowers with vodka.

but God does not bless this Earth

with thunderstorms for nothing to follow.

so after the rain dries and my thunder dies down

the lightning in my eyes turns into light

from the sun,

and i turn out okay

and life goes on.


- bipolar part 1



i feel excitement

rushing through my veins

like the amazon river

i feel adrenaline

pounding against me

like the crash of a waterfall

these are the days

when i forget how to tie my shoes

but i remember how to jump off a cliff

these are the days

when i drive on the other side of the road

i don’t care about what others think

these are the days

i wish i could settle down

and not feel as if

i have to overpower

my own soul.

-bipolar part 2


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wow. you were really able to put your pain into words. they are sad and in a morbid sense beautiful.


thank you so much!

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