Biology Class


You divulge memorized, compromised,

Bits and pieces of truths that will probably be disproven and morph into lies.

I know they’re supposed to hold some weight,

But you probably don’t realize I already have a full plate,

It’s overflowing, spilling onto the floor and I can guarantee,

Those lies you tell mean nothing to me.

You can’t see, but my head is beyond the clouds,

This note taking and look of coherence are shrouds.

In actuality I’m flying past the sky, planets and even time,

But when I hear the chime,

Of my name being called I know it’s the end of the jaunt.

I’ve been caught…

You act as if calling on me is a delectable treat,

But in reality it’s as if the water level is rising so I shrink back into my seat.

College is supposed to be about education,

But it is difficult to disregard the temptation,

To engage in freedom’s daunting flirtation.

So I would really appreciate if you gave us a break,

I’m slowly learning from my mistakes,

Please keep in mind that I’m trying my best,

But no matter what you think or say,

I will get an A.

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