biggest enemy

 I believe i can make it. I have big dreams and can no longer fake it.(A: yeah i bet you do but how you gone get there you don't have the brains reach to higher standards) yeah i know im not the brightest the bunch but if i work hard and pray harder i figuer god will pull me through (D: ha! a sinner like you, you're such a fool) yeah you may be right well maybe i can lose a little weight and fix in the cool crew (H: hits the word cool what about you. you dont even have the looks nice try boo) what am i gone do? (D: i guess you'll have to be a bum and live off your mama) but i don't want to be that person i want more. (how could a little old nobody want so much but have so little.) but have more than you think. (oh yeah like what?) like beauty ( ha! have you been on the scale lately ) yeah im a little overweight but that wont stop me. i have a lot to offer yeah im not the smartest in my cass but im smart. and i may fall a few times but ill always get back up fighting. i won't let you stop me and my dreams. ill far and ill show all four whose boss!


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