Big wide world

Why am I here? Once, as a girl,

I dreamt a of a big wide world.

In those fleeting moments, I wondered, I thought

I believed in that world. How to live, how to cope

Trying so hard not to die inside.


Here I stand, alone in this  big wide world

Learning its ways, its beautiful mysteries for my own.

How can you ignore her great rapture all around you,

How can you not see all her great promises she holds.


The truth is, being lost wasn't how I wanted to view myself. 

I needed to be found

        and I wandered so far I almost slipped and drowned. 


I am here to live, to love and to wander without being lost. 

I am here to enjoy all Earth's great, mysterious wonders,

All her scary downfalls and her giant leaps of technology


I want to live, no longer dream

Of this big wide world


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