Beyond The Words


A picture is worth a thousand words

A thousand words that were never heard

Screaming out for someone to save you

You try so hard, but still no one hears you.


I've lost it, the cause is waiting for tomorrow

But today is holding me hostage

To get to the other side

I always get to that street 

But could never cross by it


Holding in all that I'm feeling

Screaming, yet nobody is listening

Longing to be heard

tell me what's beyond the words


I'm hurt, torn, abused, and misused

Everything that I thought that was true

Turned into lies and all those words are misconstrued


So I hide behind the lines

With tears in my eyes

Looking for something to believe in

So I won't have this feeling


This body is not mines

I'm being controlled, told to do so

Stressed, depressed, I'm in distress

What is happiness


I'm sure this is a test

A quest, to find happiness

In the words I've been told

From someone who was young

And not wise and old


Beyond those words, a mystery lies

Lies behind that very fine line

That very fine line, I'm trying to get by

To get by

To get by



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