Beyond The Windows Of Heaven



Through the window of life I glanced
And ayond the skies at which I gaze
I know there's a city called heaven where my home is,
For life continues after death.
Beyond the skies I see the pearly gate
At which the angels beckoning;
Where all my loved ones shall await,
Where those passed before so long ago will welcome me with a kiss and hugging
And each face I'll see and know.
Ayont the skies I see the inner chamber of the city
In love and everlasting peace;Where all pains and sufferings will finally cease
And with my Lord I will abide,
In paradise; all the answers I shall know.
We know not the time to say our last goodbyes
Be prepared now for the city in the skies
Get right with Jesus Christ before your life ends
So they will open the celestial gate and let you in

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Our world
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